just so you know, quality of records from live concerts is usually not the best
also, *we don’t need another druuuummeeeeeer“ (feminismus shalalalalaaa 🙂 )

next concert: march 17th, 7 pm -ish @ schenke

reSISTⒶS – the art of how to fall – live at amsterdam mp3

this is the art of how to fall
I am hitting the ground
this is how I strife for a life
that even won’t sound familiar
this is how I disappear
this is how I crawl in circles
how the ebbs unfold
some hell under the surface
this burden combination
of bondings based on distance
this bondaries in bondage
each destruction bears a new chance
to me I am rebel I am thief I am thunder
to me all my motion is making a call
cause this is the art of how to fall
I am breaking the circles
and if I hit the ground
then this is a miracel
happening in front of you

reSISTⒶS – poisoned lucy mp3 *new
a song we wrote in amsterdam bout a girl we met there, lucy, who for sure was poisoned, but damn lovely and for the record – she was pissed off!!

poisoned lucy (poisoned lucy),
poisoned lu u u cy …
she drinks, she sleeps
she’s got flees
but she’s lovely
she’s bored, she fights
she’s in a need,
but she’s so lovely
she’s poisoned (poisoned), poisoned
poisoned lucy

reSISTⒶS – famous last words (mcr cover) mp3
recorded during a privat session in amsterdam

reSISTⒶS – your details – live at liverpool mp3

I’m not one of those
haunting you
wanting you
grabbing you
chasing you
tracing you
facing you
glasing you
making you my own
I’m not one of those
leaving you behind
I’m not blind, I can see your details
I can find the pathes you rerail
so why are you keeping
running away?
why are you freaking
like you were insane
when it comes to fronting me
are you anxious, do you fear
my affection, my easing you
it’s a big world
you are little
there are billions
and you stay in the middle
it’s a big world
it’s a big world
there are billions
and everybody’s hurt

reSISTⒶS – what you did – live at amsterdam mp3

reSISTⒶS – no more words – live at liverpool mp3

no more words, I’m empty
I’m disturbed, now I see
what love can do and I’m so sorry for
loving you, but I do
no more tears, I’m wiped out
this is not what I thought
that love can do and I’m so sorry for
loving you, but I do

reSISTⒶS – they try to silence us – live at liverpool mp3

they try to silence us
by being silent
they try to push us back
cause they think we weren’t ment
to speak about the violence
to speak about our fears
to organize resistance
to demonstrate, that we’re stille here
and it’s clear – they try to silence us
and if we cry they call it weak
and if we weep they call it drama
reglementing our strife
we don’t like dicks as panorama
(we don’t like dicks, no!)

reSISTⒶS – haunting you – live at liverpool mp3

I am running through the streets all alone
I am a fighter and as a fighter I have to fight on my own
as a girl in this world you’re not allowed
to hold your head up high and speak out loud
what’s on your mind
I am not so sure about myself or everything
but what I know is I’m a riot and I can sing
so that’s what I do
I am haunting you
with what’s on my mind

reSISTⒶS – a long way home (live at regensburg) mp3

it’s a long way home
it’s a cross to bear
it’s the saddest fear
coming over me
never make a choice
if you’re satisfied
never ring the bell
to the otherside
home is where the music starts inside
if you need to get your ass up and fight
for everything your heart is bleeding for
for everything that dies and some things that soar
it’s a long way home

reSISTⒶS – goodbye mp3
reSISTⒶS – goodbye – live at liverpool mp3
dedicated to Dan, the loveliest pain in some feminist ass, who let us play „forever“ and is welcome „always“

you whisper too quiet, message billows
the sun sets calm behind the willows
and there’s no meaning of your goodbye
‚cept that our words are roughly shaking you to cry
goodbye is your only expression
it’s a silent, ripping, awful cession
there’s no need requesting confessions
you’re leaving us with memory
of engaging, blinding agony
clouded, filtered theory
but still we care
but all we can hold on to is an everlasting stare
cuz we love you
and we’re too afraid to mention
the reasons beyond intention
and we can’t hold back your tears
or against some lie that appears
strange, and we can’t speak
and we can’t weep,
though we tend to, we’re too creep
to ignore you or to give you something to stay for
but we love you
now we love you
and we miss you
please forgive tough
we have chained you
could we give worth
things to stay for
we would do so
we would do so
please stay
please don’t say

reSISTⒶS – two of one sick kind mp3

I know that I should sleep
but I think of you
I know that you’re sleepless too
I wait for times to change
I know that they won’t do
now I’m restless too
don’t push me away
I wanna be part of your world
I think I can except
all the traffic lights
inside your chest
sometimes I wanna run
run from you
and all the things you do
but there’s something in your eyes
a secret code
I try to realize
you make me feel upset
only your presents gets
to knock off my concepts
but still there is attraction
that makes me stay
to study your inner actions
I can see the overload
sometimes you burst
but I want you to know
that your being remote
makes me feel alright
come stay, just rest
rest with me tonight
rest with me a while
for all this existing dumb
makes us dull and numb
we’re two of one sick kind
let’s just leave behind
all the memories in your mind
your being aloof
is just hiding from the shadows
you’re not willing to proof
and shut your eyes
to the fact that you could loose
so you better won’t try anyway
but I hope, that you’ll try me



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