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since our tour has started, we’ve met a lot of people, been to awsome places and had quite nice concerts. the tour is called „the art of how to fall“, as is our little zine. it and our songs deal with feminist resistance, social constructs, sexualized violence, selfdestruction and creativity.
the first concert in Regensburg, Germany, has been a great trip to some supportive and really interesting „old school“ feminists. we played at the lederer. thanks for everyting, especially trying so hard to spread information bout our gig!
last thursday (August, 18th) we played at the absolutely stunning dokhuis in Amsterdam. the atmosphere is amazing and you really should have a look at it. thanks a lot for inviting and letting us stay for such a long time. you’re all really weird and lovely.
tomorrow night we’ll hit the road to edinburgh where there’s an outdoor skillshare event. we’re looking forward to an weekend full of surprises.

next tour dates:
august, 28th: edinburgh
august, 30th: nottingham
september 3rd: liverpool
somewhen 4th – 8th probably brighton
september 9th/10th: london (as a fundraiser for pogo cafe)

some pictures of amsterdam

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